You just allow the vibration of the sounds dissolve all your worries and stress

“If you want to find the secret of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”
-Nikola Tesla

Enjoy the sound as it changes around you with Tibetan singing bowls, bells, a gong and other instruments. Attila will bring you to a healing journey with ancient sounds and mantras. Reaching every cell in the body, it will bring you into a relaxed state that harmonises the energy level, strengthens your immune system, relaxes your body, soul and spirit. You can have spiritual experiences and get to know yourself better. One of the reasons why sound healing is effective is that roughly 2/3 of the human body is fluid, which is a good sound transmitter.

About Sound Therapy

During sound therapy, energetic and emotional imbalances can be eliminated by harmonic sounds and vibrations. By restoring the balance, it may be possible for the free flow of healthy, life-giving energy in the body and soul. This energy, harmony, health, vitality, emotional stability can cause a feeling of contentment. 

I deal only with 1 person during the sound therapy treatment, I take 100% care of the client, improving the quality of his-her life, maintaining good health, or to support its restoration. I am using Tibetan singing bowls, bells, gong and other instrument for this purpose. The instrument rich vibration range with re-create the balance from the body disturbed state. The sessions are designed for each individual in order to achieve the best results. Singing bows could be placed on your body or close to you.

About Sound Bath

About Sound Therapy

In addition to Tibetan sound bowls, bells, gong and other instruments, I also use Tibetan mantras during the sound bath. Mantras and other wonderful sounds, vibrations, reaching every cell in the body they bring the client into a relaxed state that harmonises the energy level in his-her body, strengthens the immune system, relaxes the body soul and spirit. You can have a spiritual experiences and get to know yourself better.  I received initiation from the Buddhist Lamas for these mantras.

What is the effect of the sound bath? These wonderful buzzing sounds create a deep relaxation in which the mind calms down, the soul reconciles, and healing processes begin in the physical cells, creating a healthy equilibrium position for this holy triad. In short, this creates harmony in oneself after neutralizing the all already swollen almost pathogenic stress hormones in your body. Sound bath is held for one or two person but we can organise group sound bath for request. For more information on group sound bath please contact us.

What the ancient basic teachings say about the nature of sounds and vibrations?

The basic teaching of all Eastern philosophies, medical procedures, is that if one lives in harmony with the laws of nature, he/she will be healthy and balanced because life energy can flow freely and evenly in the body. Clearly, the impeded flow of energy was blamed for the disturbed energy balance, the lability of emotions, the development of anger, fear, nervousness, sadness. This is because these negative emotional states weaken the body and make it vulnerable to disease. Anyone who encounters such ideas for the first time, finding that everything in the world is imbued with energy, may first read these lines with doubt, perhaps finding it too mystical. Yet it is not as mysterious as it seems.

Vibration therapy, sound therapy in some form has appeared in all the ancient civilizations of the world. Known and applied by Tibetans, Chinese, ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Japanese, and even Australian natives, they were aware of the healing power of vibrations. In these admirable cultures, humans lived in harmony with nature and were able to connect themselves to the natural energies of the earth and creatures. It was believed that the universe is a living organism filled with life force, subtle energy streams, and this universal energy is the main component of all life.

Even today, researchers in modern quantum mechanics, elementary particle physics, recognize that there are many analogies between modern science and the teachings of the Far East. It can also be deduced from the systems theory and the results of quantum physics that the uninterrupted motion is everywhere in the universe, and the energy fields and vibrating waveforms of our world constantly interact. The finding that every physical being, be it a mineral, a plant, an animal or a human, has its own energy field can also be scientifically substantiated. The human electromagnetic energy field can be measured with accurate instruments and even photographed.

The vibrational waves of our environment affect our energy field, our vitality, our health, that is, they can protect, improve, or even destroy our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. In summary, we can say that the essence of sound therapy, vibration therapy, as a treatment with vibrations and energy, is that the disturbances in the energy field of the body can be harmonized with the help of healing vibrations. Restoring the disturbed energy balance can allow the free flow of healing energy, and this energy harmony can result in health, vitality, emotional stability, and a sense of satisfaction. The road to internal balance is shorter than we think!

Vibration of the human body. It is an ancient teaching that every human body has a fundamental vibration, and if we can tune in to this frequency, our relationship with ourselves will become healthier and richer. This is similar to the belief that the earth also has its own frequency and has a good effect on us if we get in line with that frequency.

About Me

22 years ago, in a group of Reiki friends, I met two Buddhist practitioners chanting something at the end of a meditation that had an inexplicable effect on me. I felt that I needed to know too. This was my first encounter with Buddhism.

I also started practicing Tibetan Buddhism, spending a lot of time meditating, reading, and learning. I managed to meet several Buddhist, Lamas (teachers), from whom I received blessings, initiations, and transmission for various meditations and mantras. A few years later, at the request of a Tibetan Dzogchen master, Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, for a year and a half, I was heavily involved in setting up the Merigar East Buddhist Center and organizing the first multi-week course where Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche personally taught.

During the practice of Tibetan Buddhist teachings I encountered  Tibetan sound bowls and their wonderful sounds and vibrations. To this day, I practice Buddhist teachings and meditations. I use this experience during sound baths. Beside Tibetan singing bowls, gong, Tibetan bells, and other instruments, I also use the vibration and energy (power) of mantras for the benefit of others. I am delighted to know that I can help others with every sound bath, if only by being able to get into a state of relaxation for 1 hour where you don’t think about your everyday worries. Everyone deserves a carefree time …. My motivation is that for the 1 hour that the sound bath lasts, I can help everyone make their day, their life better …

Come and chat with me as I’d love to know how I can help you!