About Me

My Story


I am Hungarian, born in Romania but raised in Hungary and now living in Ireland for over 15 years. I’ve traveled around the world more than I ever dreamed of. 😊 I studied to be a textile engineer but never worked in my field. Hoping for a better life I came to Ireland. With the challenge of not having native English, building a life (in a new country) came many new experiences and learnings. There were moments when I wanted to give up! But instead, slowly from being a cleaner, I worked myself up to become a Data Analyst and Project manager in the corporate world.

Growing and learning has always motivated me, so I have read books, taken courses and started my journey in self-development. Financially I achieved what I was only dreaming of when I set foot in Ireland. I had my house, car, great job (which I enjoyed but didn’t love), supportive friends and my loving family in Hungary. But something was missing..

Specifically with dating and relationships, in life, I’ve had some struggles!  I lost all trust in men and completely closed off afterwards. There were difficult times and there were good times. Even when I was independent and content, there was definitely something missing. I hoped to find a partner, someone who I trusted and felt safe with.  I wanted to fix ME, to be able to create that fulfilled life I dreamed of with a loving partner. At the time it looked like an endless search and felt that there was no hope. I will never forget when a dating agent told me that he was giving up as even the dating company lost hope in me.


Ah well, I didn’t give up and along the way I met great teachers and learnt methods such as EFT, Kinesiology, reiki, and coaching. Reiki came to me in an unexpected way. One friend of mine was interested in a reiki course so she dragged me along. I was sceptical about holistic healing, but my beliefs changed in a weekend. Something had started to shift in me. Not much after, I started my diploma as a Life and Business coach. I couldn’t be more grateful for the experience and the learning it has given me. 

A lot has happened since. 😊  I have met my partner and we are now planning our wedding and future together. I feel safe and happy with him. Is it easy? No! It is challenging, but we have love and the same values, goals and outlook on life.

Most of my life I have listened to my intuition. This helps when working with clients on their future goals. Everyone deserves to be happy 😊 It comes from the inside, and anyone can do it! I believe you can have a fulfilled life. It may take some time to discover what it means to you. I am here to help to make that journey easier and enjoyable for you. 

What you should also know about me is I am a crazy dog lover (actually I love most of the animals except spiders). My dog has been one of my biggest teachers and without her I would not be where I am right now. There is something about dogs, they comfort you, they make you laugh and get you out of the house but mostly they teach you how to love unconditionally and how to be in the moment in the NOW.


Have an amazing day !