Career Coaching

Out of our life we spend so much time at work out of the week an average person spends more than 60% at work. That is too long to spend in a career or a workplace that does not fulfil you. I believe everyone can find the Career they love.

Career coaching will help you to find out what is missing from your current job. Manifest successful outcome in and outside of your career. Have a better understanding what career you want and what are your values in your professional life. Have confidence to make the change. With powerful questions during coaching you will get a better understanding off the options you have and how to step out of your comfort zone. Recognise that the pain of staying in the comfort zone and the opportunity that lies ahead with a change. Understanding of your needs to have a fulfilling career.

Many of the reasons why people not taking action in their careers include fear, uncertainty and doubt. Sometimes the job offers the security and income but it feels we are trapped in the job. Sometimes we just don’t have the time or energy to look for another one and time goes by and the job is no longer satisfying. We find ourselves waiting for something to change and worry whether the next job will be any better?


If you are seeking advice in the following :

  • Perhaps you are at a stage in your life where you feel unsettled and need change but you do not know exactly what changes
  • Want to take the plunge and finally take action on something you have been thinking about doing but haven’t got around to starting
  • Want to get yourself in a carrier that you enjoy
  • Want to find more purpose or fulfillment in your life
  • Looking to build your self-esteem or confidence to make the next move
  • Would you like to reduce stress in work life & manage differently how you respond to stressful situations in the future?
  • Wish you could overcome fears that are holding you back from achieving your dream career
  • Thinking to start your own business or changing your  job or career 
  • Looking to enhance your working relationships?
  • Increase your emotional intelligence (self-awareness, assertiveness, empathy, stress tolerance)

Come and chat with me as I’d love to know how I can help you!