Coaching Sessions

The idea behind coaching

Imagine you are having a best friend who would not advise you, but instead would ask you questions based on your own experience and would get you to understand the options are available for you. Someone who would see that person in you what you can’t yet see but you feel that you have it in you. As a coach I will be asking you questions that will challenge you to find your own way and to learn new skills or see things differently.

Coaching is a recognised way of empowering people who want more from life, work or relationships. It empowers you to develop your capabilities and set purposeful goals in a faster way than if you do it alone. To achieve lasting transformation in your life I will be your partner in helping identify where it is you want to go and what is holding you back. You can become the best version of yourself and have the impact you desire and deserve in the world.

In coaching we focus on the present, where you are at and where you want to be. The art of facilitating the learning, development and growth of you. With its benefits you can take control of your future and set positive, relevant and empowering goals, that will improve the quality of your lives.


Benefits of coaching

  • Living your life by purpose, not by accident
  • Gain clarity on your purpose
  • Creating and maintaining balance in your life
  • Have better relationships with family and friend
  • Reframe your mindset to living positively and forming new habits
  • Re-program your approach to life
  • Understand your fears and limiting beliefs
  • Achieve your goals faster
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Know what drives you and what is important to you
  • Realising your dreams
  • Having clear direction and focus

Holistic Coaching


Recognising that our thoughts, emotions, energy and physical appearance are interconnected. Holistic approaches to coaching teaching you to not get lost while you examine the large picture. I can help you focus on this rather than seeing all the parts separately, because those parts are interconnected. Every action and every decision that you make has the potential to impact all the segments of your life and makes a difference in the quality of your whole existence.

Relationship coaching


You bring out the best in me and I in you. You are single looking for someone or not but understanding what are your dreams and helping you to know how to get there. To become a person you always wanted to be. I will support you on developing the skills both with yourself and your current or future partner(s). Empower you to become more confident and to achieve relationship success by improving your skills.

Coaching for people living abroad


People who has left they own country, they family behind and started a new life (long or short term) are facing different challenges. Perhaps you are at the stage where you have recently moved to a new country and are looking to some direction and /or skills to assist you to transition into your new life.

Career coaching


Are you happy about the career you are in? Do you enjoy going to work? How much passion do you have for what you do? It could be that it is time for change and to move to something different. Or simply it could be a case that you just have to make some adjustments in order to bring you the fulfilment you desire and deserve.

Are you ready to book a coaching session?