Holistic Coaching

Mind, body and spirit are connected, when you work on healing one, you must also work on the other two. Holistic coaching can be used to benefit work life balance, finding your purpose, relationships, and wellbeing. There can be one main issue like communication or emotional challenges that you as a client may want to address, but we would not focus solely on it. Instead ensure that the issue is addressed by also working on any other issues in life that can also be affecting it or connected to it in some way. This would create lasting results and a sense of balance and security. For example if you want to focus on a healthy mindset, this might mean that we would focus on your physical health or mental health and stress level.

During this type of coaching the goal is to create a sense of fulfilment and well-being. This type of coaching will require commitment, a level of personal strength, and motivation to change. It is not always easy and it definitely takes time but it is necessary in order to grow and change your life. Taking responsibility for what is holding you back can be tough but as a coach I would support you on your journey. As a holistic coach I would provide the support and encouragement you need for real change to take place. By ask the right questions to find where the root of each issue lies, and then guide you towards resolutions.

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